Saturday, April 4, 2009

What are YOUR ideas?

I think it's time for a change of direction. I've always been a determined person.(Stubborn is a word some people like to use, but stubbornness implies lack of flexibility. I try to use my strong-willed nature in a positive manner.) Right now I'm determined to make Shades of Gay a success.

I've had some limited success with my Facebook and Myspace pages, particularly on Myspace, where I've been making friend requests to self-identified members of the GLBT community. However, people are not interacting with the site very much.

I think I've been focusing too much on the "new book" angle and not enough on the GLBT community angle. Maybe I've lost sight a little bit of why I'm writing the book... I want it to be a bestseller, of course, as this blog title implies... but I also want it to be an extremely important piece of the GLBT movement.

So this morning I've asked my fans to give their input into what they'd like to see on any of my fan sites. I'm particularly interested in how to make my sites more relevant to the GLBT community. I'm also opening that question up to anyone who reads this blog.

I'm off to the bookstore in a few minutes with my cover designer and photographer to get some ideas about cover layout. I'll be talking about that some tomorrow, and begin incorporating your ideas as well.