Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Help!!! I'm addicted to Cafepress...

So yesterday, I gave in and signed up for a Cafepress premium account because all the succesful shops seem to have one. Cafepress Premium is a little bit like Myspace, except you pay $6.95/month and the HTML is a bit more complicated. And, of course, you can make money with it.

I signed up at work; my original plan was to vacuum the house as soon as I got home so I could get to work. Instead, I thought I'd take a "few minutes" to customize my site FIRST.


First of all, I guess I've been too spoiled by all the free templates out there for places like Myspace and Blogger. After an hour of searching, the best I could do (without paying for professional design) was to find a tutorial about customizing your HTML to make the site...

Two hours later, after playing around for a while, I realized that 1) I should eat supper (which I was surprisingly uninterested in despite my stomach growling) and 2) I needed to actually put some products in my brand new store.

That's where I ran into even more trouble. See, with a basic shop, you can only put one design on one type of t-shirt. With a premium shop, you can make 15 different versions of each style if you really want to. I decided to go ahead and make two versions of several styles of shirt: some with just a design on the front, others with a back side as well.

The problem is that making sure all those shirts are named right, described properly, etc. This can literally take hours and is rather tedious. And while I was doing all that, I WASN'T setting up my main site to look nice.

Around 9:30 or so I decided to delete a bunch of stuff until I could get around to customizing it, on the off chance that anyone looked at my store. (Hey, it could happen. I HAVE been putting the link out there.) I was already exhausted, I'd forgotten about my plans to vacuum, and I still had two new design ideas I wanted to try out.

So, back I was in the other room with the PC with the half-broken keyboard, messing around with PhotoImpact for another hour. After all that, I forgot to save my images in high resolution, so I couldn't use the designs. It would be another half hour of playing around with the storefront itself before I even got around to uploading the designs and discovering this.

My eyes were closing. I made myself go to bed even though I really wanted to design a banner advertising some of my products to go on the front page.

So... here I am, 15 hours later or so, flipping between this blog and the copy of GIMP I just downloaded. I want to learn to use GIMP to create image files so I can get that banner up and make some more designs.

Somehow I got another thousand words of Shades of Gay in before I started feeding my addiction. I guess I should be grateful for small favors.