Sunday, September 13, 2009

This is gonna be big...

A few weeks ago, I was meditating and I saw a rainbow in my mind's eye. The thought came to me that Shades of Gay is going to be even bigger than I thought.

A quick glance at my Facebook page confirms that I'm about to go viral, if I haven't already. I now have 254 fans, and it appears the fan base is growing every time I look at the page. The book isn't even finished yet and I have all these fans... I hope I can live up to expectations. I hope people will buy the book.

I need to stop hoping and go write my two scenes for today. I'm starting a new chapter, which is always the most difficult part of the writing. Plus I'm trying to sandwich Shades of Gay in between four freelancing clients. The last few chapters also mark a break from the rest of the book, as time is accelerating forward to get to some major events aka the climax. (OF THE STORY, not of anything else, in case you were wondering.)

The closer I get to finishing this, the more exciting and scary the whole thing gets.